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Powder henna and the architecture of eyebrows training

The training is designed for people who:
Want to learn a powder henna procedure or start their adventure in cosmetology
Would like to extend the offer of beauty treatments with eyebrow powder henna
Would like to get more regular customers
This course is available in the language of your choice: English or Polish.
The certificate is only available in English.
The course is only to learn how to apply the product and perform the treatment, it does not promote any particular company with Henna brow products.
You will receive
Well-designed course with a lot of knowledge.
An accredited E-certificate in English or print-on-demand option (you can read about it in the separate training information added to this course)
Maximised organisation of all information contained in 25 pages of manual.
2-month access to the practical material video
3 module tutorial video
Discount to Venus Beauty Lashes store
Discount to Insurance company
Training topics
  • Powdered Henna Eyebrows: all information and benefits of the procedure
  • Skin structure
  • Skin types
  • Phases of hair growth
  • Contraindications
  • Workspace, stylist’s equipment
  • Insurance and client card
  • Allergy test
  • Examples of an allergic reaction
  • General description of working with a client
  • Step by step skin preparation (video tutorial)
  • Drawing tools
  • Architecture of eyebrows, important elements of a perfect drawing (video tutorial)
  • Detailed execution of the procedure and product application (video tutorial)
  • Standard eyebrow effect or Ombre effect. The full process of product application
  • Post-treatment care recommendations
  • Proportionality and working with different spacing of the eyes
  • Eyebrow asymmetry and how to work with it
  • Pricing and finding clients
  • Marketing tips
About the trainer
Patrycja Plaszczymaka is a Lash, Brow Artist with over 10 years experience, owner and founder of Venus Beauty Lashes online store, Venus Beauty Training Academy as well as Beauty Salon and lash product store  based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
She has worked in the beauty industry since 2009 and has been trained by many renowned instructors  from around the world. Not only has she hosted international trainers here in the UK, but she’s also a judge in competitions. Patrycja has attended many cosmetic conferences and is a multiple award winner at international championships, such as the 2nd place on the 2-3D Russian Volume MASTER in Krakow, June 2016, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP KRAKOW, 3rd place on the 10-15D Mega Volume MASTER category in Krakow, June 2016, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP KRAKOW, 1st place on the 2D Russian Volume EXPERT category, August 2016, LASH BATTLE, 3rd place on the 4D plus Russian Volume at Cilmag in Paris, September 2016,  2nd place on the 2D Russian Volume at the Lash and Brow International online competition in Alicante, Spain 2016.
Nominated for the Nala International Business Award 2019 in the category of Mentor of the Year 2019.
Winner of the UK Enterprise Awards 2020 as:
Best Eyelash Brand 2020
Specialist Eyelash Extensions Training provider of the year 2020.

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